The main products commercialized by the company are :

    1. Potatoes :

      Sorts  Talent, Melody, Gunda, Agria, Marabell, Gala, Satina, Toscana, Solara, Marena, Cilena, Ditta, Salome, Princess, Belana, Ballerina.
      Countries of origin Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Morocco.

      The company commercializes other sorts and also Bio potatoes…etc., depending on the client´s demand as well as potatoes boxes of different materials and sizes. For further information, please contact us.

    2. Onions :

      The onions mainly originate from Germany, The Netherlands and New Zeland.


    3. Carrots , Beetroot and Col :

      Those products originate for the most part from Germany.